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The queen of happiness

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Being happy is the most important and sacred thing in life. It's the ultimate goal we are all after. Not only does Jo believe this but she has the skills to help you find your happiness and can give you the tools to maintain happiness in your business and everyday life.

Way back in the day Jo experienced many years of high levels of stress and anxiety, in her working life and at home. She lacked self-belief, confidence and she felt like a fraud. Why would anyone like her? Why would anyone want to do business with her?  Sound familiar?

This isn't just Jo's story this is the all too familiar story of busy professionals.

Now is the time for change, the time to find your tools to a happier and fulfilling life.  You just need to find the strength, make the decision to change and go for it. With years of experience, Jo is now using her own knowledge, to help YOU find your happiness.

'No strife - happy life'. Isn't it what we're all looking for? It's now possible to move your life from 'stress, anxiety and unhappiness' into a world of 'beauty, joy and calm'.

An inspirational and thought provoking speaker, Jo encourages people to take back control of their own lives and create their own happiness. It is entirely possible, she knows that because she did it herself. Now she dedicates her life to teaching others how to do the same. This talk will energise you, your team and your company for better results in life and business


Bestselling author of two books on happiness
Mother of 2 and successful business woman 
Works nationally and internationally
Once dislocated her knee dancing to 'Shake Your Tail Feather'

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"The feedback from staff is excellent....

Fabulous presentation Jo, thank you"

Siobhan Saunders, Divisional Manager, Halton Borough Council



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